Changing the Paradigm, our The interactive kiosk can give you exactly that. Such a terminal is the opportunity to improve customer experience and flow. It can be fully integrated into your omnichannel,- store or organization strategy. Our terminals can adopt different looks metal, glass, solid surface, textile, leather each with different finishes and colours, providing an interactive solution able to deliver a cohesive look and feel with the most diverse environments.

Endless possibilities

Modularity promotes synergies between reliability and affordability, providing a hedge against obsolescence. Our terminal answers a vast range of requests with flair, offering dedicated kiosks tailored to each purpose, with a custom look and feel. Aesthetically consistent modules are easily integrated in a standard body, assuring coherency across locations. Easy to customize, with several options available for finishes and purposes, new line also features easily swappable modules, facilitating deployment and module integration to accommodate for your business current and future needs.
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Depending on the function of the kiosk, hardware can be integrated for printing a cash receipt, discount coupon, parking card, Public Transport card, membership card, etc.

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MA well-designed scanner is a must for any terminal. With scanning, a kiosk becomes the touchpoint that enables your customers to scan products or gain digital tickets, access cards, parking cards and other things, which they register or provide access to.

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One of the common features of a kiosk is making payments. This can be done by bank card, cash, special coins or loyalty card. Both integrated cash solutions and contactless payment are no problem.