Interactive kiosks can also help business owners automate processes of their business, freeing up time and resources for better overall management of their premises. Take for example, a kiosk that helps to direct customers to their requested product when sales attendants are preoccupied, or one that helps customers address specific queries that would otherwise take up a big portion of a staff members daily efforts. Great for shopping centres, parks, hospitals, schools, railway stations and just about any outdoor location.

Interactive Kiosk Designs

With wall-mounted or freestanding solutions is a comprehensive product line that offers effective and functional options suitable for multiple environments and applications.

Our kiosk perfectly combines technology and design, resulting in a simple, versatile and beautiful product.

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Suitable for the harshest of outdoor conditions - designed with a robust, corrosion protected, outer casing to give protection from both the elements and the public. The outer casing has an IP65 rating which means it keeps out all airborne swarf, dust and other particles as well as being protected from any wet weather conditions; broadening the range of possible environments.

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Vandal Proof

The outer casing of our Outdoor Digital Signage Advertising Displays is made from mild steel as well as having thermally toughened glass. Controls and openings are hidden and not accessible by passers by.

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Sunlight Readable

Brightness is key when using outdoor Digital Signage, our Outdoor Digital Advertising Displays use Ultra High Brightness panels (2,500cd/m²) more than 8 times brighter than a standard LCD panel to allow easy readability in direct sunlight (22 inch model is 2,000cd/m²).