Make your digital menus standout and your customers hungry

Menu boards are ideal for restaurants (including takeaway), cafes and fast service food generally.

The problem faced by food retailers is that menu boards – menu options and prices – need to be constantly updated and they need to be attractive and easy to understand.

Digital signage menu boards are the answer. They allow for enticing visuals, flexible formats and fast changes.

Normally, customers choose two screens side by side or three screens side by side. This allows for maximum content to be displayed in a space-efficient format.

Menu boards are also used frequently in the tourism industry. Ticket windows often use a menu board display as this format is perfect for displaying multiple purchase options, pricing and attractive imagery.

Cashier Screen

Cross-selling and mapping promotional offers.

Menu Board On The Wall

Menu display and cost. Visualization products and video content.


Pre-order, interactive restaurant menu. Promotions and the restaurant's blog

Menu Boards

Install digital menu boards in points sales to display the cost of food and combo offers. Change promptly promotional video content and promotional offers through software features with a convenient and intuitive interface.

Electronic menu boards give businesses big and small the versatility to change their display quickly and easily. This flexibility makes our solutions great for businesses that switch for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are also perfect for professionally showcasing ever-changing daily specials and other promotions. This ease of modification saves time and money on rewriting and printing.

Take our business into the digital age

The included software allows for the creation of eye-catching displays and graphics, providing a great marketing opportunity to give your customers a memorable brand experience. Your business can replace static images with dynamic pictures and slideshows, creating interest and increasing brand visibility.

Our solutions are tailored to your businesses budget and management requirements. Large franchise chains or an individual kebab shop have options to manage the screens on site with our training and support or take advantage of Digital’s cost effective external management service, allowing you to focus on everyday business performance and let us drive your sales and brand engagement though digital platforms.

Price breakdown

Most clients start with a very vague or undefined project scope. During our consultative sessions, we uncover the real project requirements and prepare a project plan with budget recommendations and an implementation strategy.

Equipment Selection
Menu Design

Software Installation

Technical Support

Equipment Selection

Software Installation

Menu Design

Technical Support

A menu board is more than just a list of your offerings- it’s a visual landscape of your brand. Mood’s digital menu boards bring your brand to life and engage customers. Customizable, affordable and easy to use, Mood’s dynamic displays allow you to promote high-margin add-ons, feature seasonal items and trigger impulse buys for maximum ROI. Educating your customers at the point of sale has never been simpler.

Equip your business with an innovative advertising solution. Discover the power of digital menu boards with NazaTech and give your restaurant or cafe a modern touch. Restaurateurs throughout Europe are embracing electronic menu boards and the trend is growing in establishments of all sizes.