Get your customers to touch, swipe and interact with your digital kiosks

The intuitive and interactive nature of touch screen kiosks makes them an extremely popular and highly useful in retail environments. Many consumers feel more comfortable using self-service kiosks than waiting in line or dealing face-to-face with store personnel.

At NazaTech we help brands engage with customers in creative, innovative, dynamic and rewarding ways. What sets us a part is that we look after the entire process from start to finish including initial concept design, procurement, installation, support and maintenance.

Self - Service Kiosk For

Registration, choice of place. Purchase and printing a passenger ticket or boarding pass. Reservation hotels and car rental.

Self - Service Kiosk For Bars and Restaurants

Selection and order of dishes, payment on the spot and receiving. Increase in average check and cost reduction on the staff.

Self - Service Kiosk For Shopping

Cross-selling. Help sellers consultants in sales. Information about the availability of goods and the possibility of pre-order. Check bonus system.

Our kiosks support applications such as visitor management, wayfinding and directions, queue management, surveys, self-serve order and payment, surveys and product promotion.

We work closely with our clients, taking the time to understand their brand, customers and their customers journey. This knowledge is then used to align our expertise and creativity with the brand, and deliver the best project solution.

NazaTech interactive kiosks are tailored to match customers goals and to the customers experience. The ability to develop hardware, software and user interface means each reinforces the other to maximise overall benefit. As true end to end supplier.

NazaTech takes care of design, procurement, installation and support thus decreasing costs, delivering return on investment.

How does it work ?

A customer walks to a self-service kiosk, selects the desired product, pays on the spot. A receipt is printed out. receipt of goods, or other information. An interactive kiosk is a multimedia complex, consisting of hardware and software. Hardware part: touch screen, nettop, branded box, terminal, mobile printer. Software: packaged software solution with integration into the general infrastructure and system R-Keeper, Emenu, Iko. Either custom development taking into account features of the client’s business. For example: development mobile application, analytics, own personal account (CMS) and so on..

Nowadays consumers demand more interactive features and freedom of choice when they make purchases. Thus more and more retailers, government and financial institutions are adopting kiosks into their daily operations.

Hardware Development
Software Development

Design Development

Constructions and Installation

Hardware Development

Design Development

Software Development

Constructions and Installation

Design & Procurement

Control of the design and procurement process allows us to guarantee the product quality. Our project managers make sure that we deliver cost effective solutions.

Support & Maintenance

NazaTech offer support contracts based on a variety of SLAs, dependent on customer need. Ease of maintenance is central to the development of NazaTech products from the outset.

Installation & Roll-out

An experienced in house deployment and installation teams have in depth product knowledge and guarantee smooth installation process from start to finish.

Effective tool to reduce costs and queues. Increase average bill. Want a demo? Contact us for a free consultation.