By transforming your standard catalogs into stunning and interactive digital solutions, your customers become more engaged. Interactive tables make it easy for your customers to browse products, compare them and make positive buying decisions. These applications provide your customers with fun and transform the buying experience.

Interactive Tablets

Additional advertising on points of sale. The opportunity to tell the client about the interest product. The ability to quickly and easily change Scenarios: today is advertising medium, tomorrow - interactive catalog. Tablet is optimal solution for organization interactive project.

Interactive Tables

Interactive touch multitouch table, which is the perfect solution for the presentation of various information. Display creative applications on it. Our experts will help you choose a design. casing, diagonal and come up with creative technique of the future application.

Interactive Kiosks

Touch kiosk or stand is perfect advertising solution or background informational messages. You get a boxed solution that applicable to various fields. From navigation in the mall to creative marketing installations with branded or anti-vandal case.

NazaTech provides a full range of product catalogs suitable for digital displays of all types and sizes including iPad, tablets, digital touch displays from 10″ to 42″.

NazaTech offers the fast applications as a powerful sales tool for retailers that are fully customized with individual product selections. Our solutions integrate easily with your eCommerce websites, POS and variety of peripherals all that you need to transform your customers shopping experience.

Our solutions are already changing the way retailers, financial institutions, dealerships and hospitality are presenting their products and services.

Price breakdown

Most clients start with a very vague or undefined project scope. During our consultative sessions, we uncover the real project requirements and prepare a project plan with budget recommendations and an implementation strategy.

Hardware Development
Software Development

Design Development

Constructions and Installation

Hardware Development

Design Development

Software Development

Constructions and Installation

Design & Procurement

Control of the design and procurement process allows us to guarantee the product quality. Our project managers make sure that we deliver cost effective solutions.

Support & Maintenance

NazaTech offer support contracts based on a variety of SLAs, dependent on customer need. Ease of maintenance is central to the development of NazaTech products from the outset.

Installation & Roll-out

An experienced in house deployment and installation teams have in depth product knowledge and guarantee smooth installation process from start to finish.